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*Links to videos will appear live on March 15th and be available to view until May 23, 2021.
Constance Knox founded Genealogy TV in 2018. She is a lifelong genealogist and has extensive experience in all aspects of television broadcasting, video production, and management. Genealogy TV is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the family history genre. Genealogy TV has recently exceeded 1 Million lifetime views.

LIVE Q&A session with Constance Know will take place at 3PM on the Saline County Library Facebook page. Register to receive reminders and links for the session here. You can submit questions to be answered during the Q&A session here.

DNA Cousin Match Strategies

What is a Centimorgan? How DNA Painter’s Shared cM Tool Can Help Genealogy Research

Solve Family History Mysteries with DNA Strategies the Pros Use ThruLines Explained 

DNA Strategies Next Level

AncestryDNA Shared Matches to Solve Genealogy Research Questions 

AncestryDNA Cousin Matches: Next Steps 

Organizing Your Records

"Kick Start Guide" Learn Genealogy Research (How to Research Your Family Tree) 

"Good Filing from the Start" 

How to Create Great Research Notes 

How to Create a Genealogy Research Notes Template in MS Word 

How to use TurboScan for Genealogy 

Cluster Genealogy a.k.a The FAN Club

How to Use Cluster Genealogy a.k.a. FAN Club Research 

What is F.A.N. Club Research for Genealogy and Family History? 

How to Attach Friends, Associates, and Neighbors (a.k.a. FAN Club) to Your Ancestor on 

#1 Way to Break Down Brick Walls: Updated 2020 

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