DNA Cousin Match Strategies

DNA Cousin Match Strategies (3 videos, total 56 minutes)

What is a Centimorgan? How DNA Painter’s Shared cM Tool Can Help Genealogy Research. (9:32)

Today we are talking about what is a centimorgan (cM) regarding your DNA results, about DNA Painter, and how all of this can help you with your genealogy research.


Solve Family History Mysteries with DNA Strategies the Pros Use (21:00)

Learn how to solve family history mysteries using DNA Strategies the Pros Use. In this video I will demonstrate how to use the same strategies professional genealogists are using to find missing ancestors, parents and solve crimes. 


Ancestry.com ThruLines Explained 25:13

In this episode I explain exactly how Ancestry’s ThruLines work, where it gets its data, and how it can help you with your family history research.