Reading Dragons & Friends Encourages Kids to Read

Reading Dragons & Friends is a reading incentive programs for ages 5 and up starting September 4th. Trade your cards with friends, play a casual game or compete in a tournament, and collect them all! Come by the Benton or Bryant branch to pick up your Reading Dragons & Friends starter pack and instructions starting … Continued

Benefits of Summer Reading

Hey there, bookworms! Summer is here, and it’s time to soak up some sun, fun, and of course, fantastic books! While the temptation to take a break from reading during the vacation is understandable, it’s essential to keep those pages turning. Let’s dive into the incredible reasons why reading over summer vacation is not only … Continued

We are EXPANDING!!! East End Branch Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of expanding into a third branch, which will serve the community of East End, Arkansas. This branch will be located in the Hope Valley Development at 24005 Arch Street, Hensley, AR 72065. The expansion is estimated to open in September of 2023. According to … Continued

National Library Week 2023

The Saline County Library encourages the public to participate in National Library Week! National Library Week 2023 will be the week of April 23. The citizens of Saline County can participate in library dress-up days and special events the entire week at either the Benton or Bryant Branch.  The theme for National Library Week 2023 … Continued

The Tiniest Arts Show

“All art has this characteristic––it unites people.”  After last year’s incredible turnout, the Tiniest Art Show returns for the second year, on exhibit at both branches from March 6th – 31st!   Embracing the 2023 summer’s reading program theme –– “All Together Now” –– this miniature art exhibit is bringing together patrons of all ages and talents … Continued

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! 

Santa is coming to the library! This is a busy time of year for Santa with last minute sleigh checks, checking his list not once but twice, and getting ready for the big day.  But luckily your favorite children’s librarians are definitely on the nice list, and have talked Santa into coming to visit.    He’ll … Continued

The benefit of audiobooks  

We love books here at the library. We love them all from ebooks to traditional print, classic literature to modern graphic novels. We believe books of all forms have their benefits. Audiobooks are a medium that can be overlooked by children and parents alike, with some detractors saying that they don’t really count as reading.   … Continued

Autism Resources

We at the Saline County Library truly believe libraries are for everyone, but we know that experiences at the library can be more difficult for some than others.  With this in mind, we have put together some autism resources, located at the children’s department desk.  These resources include fidgets, a weighted lap pad, noise-reducing headphones, … Continued

Imaginative Play

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.”- Mr. Rogers  Young children “play pretend” because it’s fun, but it’s also an important part of their development.  There are so many reasons why imaginative play is great for children.  It’s a way to … Continued

Homeschool Hour is BACK!

You heard it here, folks. Homeschool Hour will be resuming once again in full swing starting the first Wednesday of September and continuing through November.  We have heard your requests and we are pleased to announce that we can host our typical Homeschool Hour in the building again!  Here’s a quick rundown of how Homeschool … Continued