FAQs: Social Media

Social Media

You can connect with the library on social media under the following accounts:

  • Facebook: Saline County Library
  • Twitter: SCLibrary
  • LinkedIn: Saline County Library
  • Instagram: sclibrary_
  • YouTube: Saline Library

Social Media Code of Conduct


Social media accounts provide a timely way for the Saline County Library to communicate event information, share photos and testimonies about library events or materials and encourage open communication between the library and the community. All social media accounts are considered important facets of communication and are monitored during library hours.

Usage Guidelines

The Saline County Library encourages comments, posts and messages from the community. We understand there may be differences of opinion and we respect those differences, but all comments, posts, messages and reviews will be monitored regularly by Saline County Library staff. Saline County Library staff has the right to remove any comment, post or message that is deemed inappropriate.

Inappropriate behavior or remarks include, but are not limited to:

  • Obscene, sexist or racist content
  • Personal attacks, insults or threatening language
  • Private or personal information, including phone numbers and addresses or requests for personal information
  • Potentially libelous statements
  • Plagiarized material
  • Comments unrelated to the library, its mission or its activities
  • Commercial promotions, spam or solicitation of funds
  • Religious messages unrelated to the library or its social media postings
  • Organized political activity or campaigning of any nature
  • Repeated posts from the same individual

Users who post any of the above forms of inappropriate behavior or remarks will first be privately contacted by the library and made aware of the social media guidelines and respectfully asked to abide by them. If the user violates a guideline a second time, they will be privately contacted and put on a temporary ban for one month. After the month is up, the user will be unblocked. If the user continues to display inappropriate behavior, the library has the right to permanently block the patron from commenting, posting or messaging the Saline County Library social media pages.

 Other Communication Outlets

While we appreciate interaction and engagement on social media, we also respect and value the opinions and questions of our patrons and community. If a user has specific comments they wish to share with our staff, we encourage either a private message or emailing the appropriate staff member:

Public Services: Leigh- LeighE@SalineCountyLibrary.org

Marketing: Kari- KariB@SalineCountyLibrary.org

Adult Programming or User Experience: Alissa- AlissaT@SalineCountyLibrary.org

Youth Services: Sarah Beth- SarahBethL@SalineCountyLibrary.org

Administration: Patty- PattyH@SalineCountyLibrary.org

If private messages or emails fall into any of the inappropriate behavior categories, the user will be subject to the same disciplinary actions mentioned above.

The Saline County Library asks that individual user complaints be addressed directly to the Library Administration so they can be addressed quickly and specifically. Social media is not the correct platform for the library to document or address user problems and concerns. If there are any questions regarding our policies and procedures, please visit our website for a list of our policies and an update FAQ section.