Mabel Boswell Memorial Library Reopened

Mabel Boswell Memorial Library Reopened

The Mabel Boswell Memorial Library in Bryant is now open to the public! We will be working on some projects over the next few weeks to finish up and that means some of our resources may not be available, but everyone in Bryant is working very hard to get everything in top shape for our patrons! During the month of September, we only offered adult programs. We are excited to announce that we have programs for all age groups starting in October! 

The whole library has been updated from a new Makerspace and teen area to a new children's area and meeting room. These updates are to increase functionality and improve our patron's experiences. Not to looks amazing! 

What are some of the upgrades? 

The new flooring and paint have made a huge difference in the overall appearance of the branch. The main walls in the building have been painted different shades of grey, which has made the entire building look bigger. The new marmoleum flooring is a great upgrade from the carpet; no more worrying about spills and messes in the library! This flooring is easier to clean and much easier on the eyes. 

The computer lab has been moved to the far left end of the building, away from the children and teen areas. Because we have such a large group of kids both for daily programs and coming over after school, we wanted to make it more convenient for all ages. Hopefully this will make it easier for patrons to focus while using the computers, without worrying about being disturbed by loud racket that inevitably follows children and teens! 

We are so excited about the new teen area. We found it very important to create a sanctuary of sorts for our teens, while also benefiting other age groups. Many teens come to the library after school to wait for their parents to pick them up or wait for football games to start, but for others, it may be the only place they can go where they feel completely safe. This new area gives them a place to read, play games, and hopefully build a community among their peers. 

Our brand new Makerspace is also a huge addition to the Bryant branch! With a 3D printer, new computer software, and various technologies and tools for crafting, the Makerspace will be an innovation hub where children, teens and adults alike can create and learn. We will have different programs in the Makerspace, along with free-for-all days where you can work with whatever technology appeals to you! 

That's just a few of our big upgrades; to see all of the new additions to the Mabel Boswell Memorial Library, you'll have to check it out in person! 

Our GRAND re-opening will be in November where you can tour the library and learn about the remodel, so stay tuned for dates!  

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