Board Games are for Everyone!

Board Games are for Everyone!

Miss Jenn, our Benton teen librarian, loves playing board games. She says it's one of her favorite ways to spend an afternoon! Unfortunately, it can be hard to find more than one person to play games with, especially if you can't drive yet. So she's discovered some great games that are fun for two players, and you can check them out right here, at the library! 


Carcassonne is a fun tile placement game that is easy to learn. On your turn, draw a tile and place it next to another tile matching the same features of water, town, road, or flowers. Players score points by putting meeples, or small carved people figures, on the just-played tile. See, it’s easy, plays in under an hour and is plenty of fun!

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is the perfect game for two people. The object is to build railroads, and points are earned for every train car placed on the board. It's very competitive; try to figure out where your friend is going and block the best routes.


If you really like a cutthroat game, play any version of Munchkin with only two players. The object is simple: be the first one to gain 10 levels by fighting monsters in the dungeon. Players can sabotage and attack each other to prevent others from gaining levels. With only two players, things get really cutthroat really fast.

Forbidden Island

This is a great game if you like a challenge. In Forbidden Island, the game plays against you. The object is to get all four of the hidden treasures and escape the island before it floods. Every player gets a special skill that helps on your quest and the fewer players, the harder the game.

If you like chess, try Hive or Tak.

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