Genealogy Conference Schedule

Genealogy Conference Schedule

The Genealogy Conference is officially less than three weeks away!

Michael L. Strauss will be here to talk on Saturday, March 16th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM to talk about military history, genealogical newspaper research, gravestones and epitaphs of our ancestors, and descendancy research. You may be wondering what all of these topics consist of, so keep reading for more information about each session! 

  1. "Introduction to Military Genealogical Research" 
    "Beginning genealogy research on your ancestors who served in the military is not without rewards; research can be both challenging and daunting for persons not familiar with the records, repositories, and the methodology employed to find details of military service. This lecture focuses on a large number of records, strategies, and techniques on how to research military ancestors from the colonial era through Vietnam that can be used to discover facts about your ancestor's life."
  2. "More than Just Obituaries: Genealogical Newspaper Research"
    "One of our great statesman Thomas Jefferson, summed up his feelings about the press when he wrote 'Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.' One of the essential rudiments of doing genealogy research is discovering record found in print. Our ancestors felt much the same as Jefferson. Newspapers historically have been published daily, weekly, and monthly and often contain information about our ancestors that might not be found anywhere else. From obituaries, to legal notices, business information, and small town happenings, these records are the fabric of our national identity. This lecture will also focus on collection of online newspapers that are scanned and digitized today for each access by genealogists."
  3. "Gravestones and Epitaphs of our Ancestors"
    "Locating the gravestones of our ancestors can solve mysteries that might otherwise remain hidden in time. This lecture focuses on the evolution and history of gravestone markers along with the materials used to construct them. Particular attention is given to the usage of symbols, markings, and tracing the carvers as a means to discover new information about our distant departed. Discussion on how to preserve and read old tombstones employing mirrors; along with how over time, epitaphs and other written personal messages can bring us closer to our ancestors."
  4. "Descendancy Research: Another Pathway to Genealogy"
    "Breaking through the challenges of brick walls has never been more rewarding; genealogists are often taught that the only way to do successful research is to search backwards through time; going back as far as you can. This lecture assumes a new focus on doing research by tracing all of the descendants of an ancestral couple to present; as we will examine the methodology to find living persons who may hold the key to your family history research. Focus is also given to provide an actual case study of doing this kind of research. 

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