Library Trustee Board Member Position Open

Library Trustee Board Member Position Open

The Saline County Library is looking for a new Library Trustee Board Member. This is a volunteer position.


Library Trustees are responsible for working with the Library Director to oversee the general operation of the library, establish policy, determine the final budget, conduct public relations, and plan for future library system endeavors. They are accountable to the taxpayers of Saline County and appointed by the Saline County Judge and Quorum Court.


A true sense of the library’s enormous importance to the economic and social life of the community is essential. Library Trustees must possess an appreciation of the library and a desire to provide the best possible service for the community. Must be sensitive to the political conditions in the community, and must be registered to vote. Arkansas Code 14-14-705 (3) (B)
Each board member’s term is five years. No one may be appointed for more than two consecutive terms. This is a volunteer position.


  • Attend all board meetings.
  • Read board meeting minutes and other materials sent out before the board meeting.
  • Become informed about all phases of library operation. 
  • Participate appropriately in board meetings. 
  • Serve on committees as assigned by the board chair.
  • Lend expertise and leadership to the board for the good of the library.
  • Actively participate in workshops and activities. 
  • Participate in fundraising activities.
  • Visit the library often and become acquainted with its services by using them. 

To apply, fill out this questionnaireand send it to our HR Manager, Erin Loy, at 

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