Changes in the Children's Area!

Changes in the Children's Area!

When you visit the children's area in Benton, you may notice that we have made a few changes to our chapter books. 

We have reorganized the books to make it easier to browse the shelves and find something you may like to read! 

To make it easier to find books that you can listen to and read along with at the same time, we have shelved the audiobooks with the print books. This lets you be able to tell at a glance if an audio copy and a physical book are in at the same time.

If you like Fairytales, head over to the purple section and find retellings of traditional fairytales, such as Cinderella or Snow White, and stories about fairies. 

If Fantasy or Science Fiction is more your style, the books shelved in the yellow will be sure to please. These books contain magic, super advanced technology or some other fantastical element. 

Lovers of history will dive right into our orange section. These Historical books cover everything from the middle ages up to Hurricane Katrina. 

If you would rather read books about kids today, the green Realistic section will be perfect. These books resemble real life and have stories that could have actually occurred to people in a believable setting. 

If you like a good joke, the Humor section is filled with laugh-out-loud reads, just look for the blue labels! These books are hilarious. 

The final section is for fans of Mystery or Spooky books. Read about kid detectives solving crimes or finding the answers to cryptic clues. This section is also home to all the scary stories that are sure to keep you up at night! Look for the red labels to find these books!

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