Need Volunteer Hours this Year?

Teen Volunteer Opportunities Available

The Saline County Library offers a wonderful opportunity for teens to gain volunteer experience during the school year. Volunteering is an excellent way for your teen to gain work experience and practice job skills and responsibility. Teens must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old in order to volunteer and can expect to work one hour a week. Filling out an application is quick and easy, it can be found on the website under Volunteer Application or can be filled out in person at the Benton Library.

Information on Volunteer Orientation

We hold a volunteer orientation three times a year, in September, January and May. New volunteers will learn how to keep track of their hours, rules and expectations and what sorts of jobs they’ll be doing. We help teens keep track of their hours and are happy to write volunteer letters for them for job applications or other organizations. Teens spend their time cleaning toys, putting books in order, preparing craft projects, and caring for our guinea pigs.

Special Events for Volunteers

Aside from routine volunteer tasks we have some special volunteer opportunities to offer. Learning Buddies is an eight week program that pairs teen volunteers with students in Kindergarten to second grade for reading help. The volunteers get a chance to train in reading based skills and then help the same student for eight weeks. It’s a fun and very rewarding experience for responsible teens. Teens also have an opportunity to help with the library’s Halloween and Christmas programs.

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