Homeschoolers, Assemble!

Homeschoolers, Assemble!

The library is excited to announce the addition of our homeschool reference collection!

These books include curriculum and information about typical grade-level skills, and may be used while you are visiting our library.  While these books are not available for check out, you may make copies or take pictures of pages that interest you, as well as use the books with your children while you are in the library. 

Our primary goal for this collection is to provide a resource for our homeschool families to examine some popular schooling options before purchasing.  However, many of these resources will be useful for parents of public school children, as well.  The materials focus on reading, math and spelling; areas where many students struggle at different times. 

This collection includes:

  • All levels of All About Reading and All About Spelling
  • The elementary and intermediate series of the Life of Fred math books
  • The Things Your Student Should Know series through 5th grade
  • Books on Classical Conversations
  • A reading series developed specifically for dyslexic children, teens, and adults

Check out our homeschool collection today!

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