What's in a Learning Kit??

What's in a Learning Kit??

Learning Kits and Early Literacy Kits are developed by your Saline County Library Youth Services Staff to help make learning fun! 

Kits may contain activity sheets, toys, games, and other props designed to engage children and encourage exploration.  Learning Kits can be used by parents, teachers, daycare workers, or other caregivers. Kits check out for 3 weeks and 2 kits may be checked out at a time. Come visit the children’s room to see all of our kits.

Learning Kits:

These kits are designed for very young children up to high school, dependent on the subject of the kit. Kits contain a variety of curated items selected to enhance your child’s learning experience.

• Montessori Inspired Play, 12-18 mo.

• Montessori Inspired Play, 18-24 mo.

• Montessori Inspired Play, 24-36 mo.

• Preschool Concepts

• Preschool Felt Books

• Handwriting Kits

• Rhyming Words

• Leveled Readers

• Number Sense

• Number Sense II

• Telling Time

• Human Body

• Fractions

• Counting Money

• Weights and Measures

• Spanish Essentials

• Intermediate Spanish

• Advanced Spanish

• French Essentials

• Intermediate French

• Advanced French

• United States

• Plant and Animal Cells

• Sight Words/Phonics

• Music

• Multiplication and Division

• Addition and Subtraction

• Alphabet

• Early Life Science

• Arkansas Outdoors

Early Literacy Kits:

These kits are designed to be utilized by children ages 1-5 and their caregivers. These kits are based on the 5 early literacy practices of Every Child Ready to Read. The activities in these kits are designed to help your child develop the skills needed to learn to read once they are ready.

• Read

• Play

• Write

• Sing

• Talk

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