Once Upon a Summer Reading for Teens!

Once Upon a Summer Reading for Teens!

Hey Everyone! Are we ready for Summer Reading 2020? This year is going to be a lot of fun and of course everything is online and at home. Mr. Brett and Mrs. Jenn already miss seeing you guys at the library so we hope you join us at some of our fun virtual events. 

Virtual Program on Beanstack

This year we are using cool new software called Beanstack, if you click this link you'll be able to sign up for our all online Summer Reading Program. Beanstack is easy to use and it kind of reminds me of a video game. As you read books and complete activities you'll earn badges! Completing badges will earn you tickets that you can put towards earning gift cards for some cool businesses around Saline County.  Ice cream or popcorn anyone?

We are still giving out prizes this year.! You'll get a prize for day 10 (a tote-ally awesome tote bag), day 25 (awesome teal t-shirt), and day 40 (book bucks or an SCL water bottle!).  Mr. Brett made the logo for Summer Reading this year and it is amazing!

We put some great activities on Beanstack to help beat the summer boredom. I don't know about you, but I've done all the fun things I can think of at home already...I'm starting to need some new ideas. You can join us this summer on our Fairytale-themed Scavenger Hunt, make a cool journal craft and fill it with whatever comes to mind... like favorite songs to listen to while not going outside.  If you get really bored, write us a book review and earn a badge. There's plenty to do online! If you need help with your Beanstack account, click here. You can view all our programs and events on our online calendar.

Virtual Program Schedule 

Of course, Summer Reading wouldn't be complete without the programs. We are posting our program schedule on Beanstack, our Facebook page, and our Website. 

Mondays - Special online performances by One Man Circus, Animology, Magic Mr. Nick, Hampstead Stage, and more! We'll post links to the videos each week.

Tuesdays - Join Mr. Brett and Mrs. Jenn for a Discord hangout at 3:00 PM. We are just going to get together and talk, do some trivia, play a game, maybe even tell some jokes. Discord is easy to use and free to download and set up on a Phone, Tablet, or Computer, or even just in your browser! You'll need to email Brettw@salinecountylibrary.org to get a link to the Discord. We don't need any internet creeps! 

Thursdays - Join Mr. Brett at 3:00pm to play some games! Help him build a kingdom in Minecraft, battle with friends in Magic: The Gathering, and more! Even if you can't play along, you can always hang out in the Discord and watch the stream!

Summer Dungeons and Dragons - Sign up for one of Mr. Brett's DnD campaigns and get ready to take on quests, hunt down a dragon, and... build a bed-and-breakfast? It's D&D, you never know what's next! This program requires registration, an internet connection, and will use the free website Roll20. You'll also need a mic, which you can pick up for free in your Teen Activity Kit from the library! If you're interested, email Mr. Brett at BrettW@salinecountylibrary.org.

Pick up a take home activity kit!

To keep you busy over the summer we put together a Teen Activity Kit. It's cooler than it sounds, I promise! Pick one up at the library to get some cool supplies for crafts and activities. Here's what's inside:

Logic Quest - a devilishly hard activity book that we created just for you, solve mazes, grid puzzles, and riddles. Keeps the mind sharp!

Scavenger Hunt - We want you to join us on Instagram for a scavenger hunt. The list is in the bag and we want to see how creative you can be with your pictures. Tag us in your pictures at @SCLibrary_. 

Journal Quest- Mrs. Jenn loves crafts and didn't want you to miss out. Included are instructions and paper goodies to help you make two mini-books over the summer. Use them to create something amazing and send us pictures! 

If you can't get to the library to pick up an activity kit, print your own by clicking the links above. You'll need these supplies if you want to earn all your badges this summer...Does anyone else have a Pokemon Go flashback? At least we don't have to defeat the elite four! 

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