Once Upon a Summer Reading for Adults!

Once Upon a Summer Reading for Adults!

Hey everyone! Are we ready for Summer Reading 2020? We may not be able to see everyone at the library, but we hope you join us at some of our fun virtual events. 

Virtual Program on Beanstack

This year we are using cool new software called Beanstack, if you click this link you'll be able to sign up for our all online Summer Reading Program.  As you read books and complete activities you'll earn badges! Completing badges will earn you tickets that you can put towards earning gift cards for some cool businesses around Saline County.  Ice cream or popcorn anyone?

We are still giving out prizes this year.! You'll get a prize for day 10 (a tote-ally awesome tote bag), day 25 (awesome teal t-shirt), and day 40 (book bucks or an SCL water bottle!).  

We put some great activities on Beanstack to help beat the summer boredom. From live trivia and game nights to cooking shows and craft sessions, we have enough to entertain you all summer! If you get really bored, write us a book review and earn a badge. There's plenty to do online! If you need help with your Beanstack account, click here. You can view all our programs and events on our online calendar.

Virtual Programming Schedule


DIY/Upcycling on Facebook at 3:00 PM 
Join Becky, our Outreach Librarian, as she shows you some super cute DIY/Upcycle ideas. This is a six-week summer series with a different theme each week.


Facebook Live Trivia at 8:30 PM
Join us on Facebook Live every Tuesday night this summer for different trivia nights!
June 2 - The Office Part 2
June 9 - Movie Quotes
June 16 - 90s Music
June 23 - General TV Part 2
June 30 - 2019
July 7 - Libraries in Pop Culture
July 14 - Disney Part 3
July 21 - Horror Part 2
July 28 - Harry Potter Part 2


Games on Facebook at 10:30 AM
Learn to play different games each week!

Game Show on Facebook Live at 8:30 PM
Mason is back with our LIVE game show every week!


Crafts on Facebook at 10:30 AM
Laura will present a tutorial each week for different crafts!


Fact or Fiction on Facebook at 8:30 PM (Every other Friday)
Can you tell fact from fiction? Every other week, we'll test your skills by telling slightly spooky stories that could come from Reddit, real life, or other sources! Then, you'll get the chance to tell us your guess of whether it's Fact or Fiction. 

Table Talk with Kari on Facebook at 8:30 PM (Every other Friday)
Can we just talk? About random things that have been on everyone's mind? Like the vast amount of online shopping COVID-19 has us doing. Or the weird things we never thought we would have done but are doing now because COVID has us cooped up. Or when can we send the kids back to school???!!! Saline County Library Marketing Manager, Kari Beesley, will have a special guest join us to talk about how COVID has affected them personally. This is a time to laugh and just have some interaction. We encourage our viewers to jump on in the comments and answer questions or ask your own! 

Cooking with a Librarian on Facebook at 2:00 PM
Your favorite librarians have put together their favorite recipes and are excited to share them with you!

Special Programs

Cooking with Chef Cheryl on Thursday, June 4 and July 2 on Facebook at 6:00 PM
Cheryl is an Arkansas native whose family's love of food and work in the kitchen professionally as well as at home inspired her life path. She attended college when the new campus of UA PTC CAHMI was newly opened as an unconventional student thanks to the TRIO Program from UALR and dual majored in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management finishing with certifications in each. She worked for a couple of local country clubs, as a private chef and taught lessons on how to cook for the home or professional environment to many. She's a lover of her home state as well as her Southern roots and brings a love of wholesome flavorful food to the world. You can view June's recipes here.

July's dish will be Pantry Arroz Con Polo and Spiced Apple Galette with Rum Caramel Sauce.

Stamping and Scrapbooking on Saturday, June 13 on Facebook at 10:30 AM
Tips & tricks with basic Stamping & Scrapbooking. This class will use supplies that can be purchased just about anywhere; some may even already have these things in their homes. Cyndi Sanders will be teaching this class.

Genealogy Conference from June 13 - June 27
The Saline County Library Genealogy Conference will be held virtually, which allows you to view the four sessions at your leisure. Our speaker is Mark Lowe from Tennessee and is a Professional Genealogist, knowledgeable on varied topics. You will have from June 13 to June 27 to view the content before it is taken down. There will be a live Q&A session where you can submit your genealogy questions to have a professional genealogist answer. More information about that can be found under the "Genealogy Conference Q&A" event, including how to submit your own questions.

This event has already happened. We hope you enjoyed the content provided from Mark Lowe. The Live Q&A Session can still be viewed on our Facebook page here. You can follow Mark on Facebook: J. Mark Lowe - Professional Genealogist and Speaker and you can also check out one of his upcoming presentations here: http://www.kytnresearch.com/

Genealogy Conference Q&A on Facebook Live on Thursday, June 25 at 3:00 PM
Mark Lowe will be answering submitted questions from the Virtual Conference on Facebook Live. You can submit your questions here. This is your opportunity to ask the professional your questions of interest. This will be a time for you to gather more information about the session’s topic.

Weaving on Facebook on Saturday, July 11, 18 & 25 at 10:30 AM 
Tane Steed is a Benton artist and elementary art teacher who works in a variety of mediums. She especially loves to create with fiber and recycled items, but is also an accomplished illustrator and painter.

Marie Kondo Class on Facebook Live on Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 PM
Sue Fehlberg, Arkansas’ only certified KonMari Method™ consultant and owner of the Tidy Nest, provides tips, answers questions, & demonstrates folding techniques. You can submit your questions here.

Learn how to spark joy through decluttering and organization your home.  Join us for this free workshop to learn more about Marie Kondo’s tidying method that took the world by storm through her Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

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