Mom, I'm Booooooredddddd!

Mom, I'm Booooooredddddd!

How many times have you heard that this summer? Being bored occasionally is actually good for us, but when your kid (or you!) just can’t take it anymore, here are some great books to put in their hands. Hopefully these books will spark creativity, tickle your kid’s funny bone, or at the very least give you five minutes to yourself!

The King of Too Many Things by Laurel Snyder
When Jasper the little king gets bored, he asks his wizard for a dragon, setting off a chain of events that leads to dire consequences--and a new friend.

Mina vs. the Monsoon by Rukhsanna Guidroz
Mina loves to play soccer all year round. Nothing comes close to it. But when the monsoon arrives, Mina is stuck indoors and she can't help feeling restless and bored. Her ammi doesn't understand. The doodhwalla doesn't understand. That's when Mina decides she'll find ways of chasing away the clouds herself. In doing so, she makes an unexpected discovery. Soccer will never be the same again for Mina! In a charming story that any kid who loves a sport will relate to, soccer-mad Mina tries just about any trick to stop the monsoon clouds from raining on her game. In doing so, she shows us glimpses of her life in a village in eastern India, highlighting the important role played by monsoon rains in this part of the world. The heart of the story, however, is the bond forged between a mother and her daughter on a gray, gloomy day.

The Great Dictionary Caper by Judy Sierra
When the words in the dictionary get bored and leave to attend a convention in Hollyword, it is up to Noah Webster to restore (alphabetical) order.

The Boring Book by Shinsuke Yoshitake
A child, bored by his toys, contemplates the emotion and concept of boredom, and whether or not it is boring to be an adult--or a child.

Barnacle is Bored by Jonathan Fenske
Barnacle is bored by the monotony of the tides, and envies the fish who swim freely--until an eel comes along.

I’m Bored by Michael Ian Black
When a bored girl meets a potato who finds children tedious, she tries to prove him wrong by demonstrating all of the things they can do, from turning cartwheels to using their imaginations.

The Curious Kid’s Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands-On Activities for Ages 4-8 by Asia Citro
In The Curious Kid's Science Book, your child will learn to design his or her own science investigations to determine the answers! Children will learn to ask their own scientific questions, discover value in failed experiments, and -- most importantly -- have a blast with science.

The Ultimate Indoor Games Book: the 200 Best Boredom Busters Ever! By Veronika Alice Gunter
Jam-packed with 200 captivating games, this brightly illustrated collection will make sure that no kid ever whines "I'm bored!" again. Even better, these are zippy, energy-burning activities--not the typical quiet indoor fare. Youngsters will have a blast with scavenger hunts, ball games guaranteed not to break anything, and even a nose-pushing popcorn race. They can test their reflexes with Footsieball (volleyball played with a balloon and one foot) or Hallway Alligator (try to get past the alligator without getting munched). Most of the activities need only minimal set-up time and supplies found around the house. Game variations are included to multiply the fun.

There’s Nothing To Do On Mars by Chris Gall
After moving to Mars with his family, Davey complains of being bored until he begins exploring the planet with his dog Polaris and uncovers a most unusual "treasure."

There’s Nothing To Do! By Dev Petty
Bored and unable to find anything to do, Frog asks his friends for suggestions and discovers that sometimes doing nothing is best.

Boxitects by Kim Smith
A STEAM-centered, adorably illustrated picture book about Meg, a brilliant and creative boxitect who creates extraordinary things out of ordinary cardboard boxes. Meg is a brilliant and creative boxitect. She loves impressing her teacher and classmates with what she makes out of boxes. But there's a new kid at Maker School: Simone. Simone is good at everything, and worst of all, she's a boxitect too. When the annual Maker Match is held, Meg and Simone are paired as a team but can't seem to stop arguing. When their extraordinary project turns into a huge disaster, they must find a way to join creative forces, lift each other up, and work together.

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