UX Librarian Julie Syler Named Mover & Shaker

UX Librarian Julie Syler Named Mover & Shaker

User Experience Librarian awarded honored title by Library Journal.

In March, Library Journal announced the 50 library employees from all over the globe that stood out above the rest in shaping and changing libraries. They are called “Movers and Shakers” and we are proud to have one of our own among them!

Julie Syler is currently a User Experience Librarian but first joined Saline County Library in August 2007 as a Library Assistant II. But Julie had worked in libraries before. Just ones with a different tone. She started her library journey as Principal Orchestra Librarian of the Vanderbilt University Orchestra in 2002. Then, she interned a summer at the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s library and at Tanglewood’s Aaron Copland Chamber Music Library for two summers.

Last year, Julie and Rebecca McCorkindale (also a Mover and Shaker from Gretna Public Library, NE) created a graphic and phrase that spread like wild fire- Libraries are for everyone.

“I love that phrase and everything it means. It’s a distillation of what I do and why I do it,” Julie said. “ There are no caveats, no exclusions, no disclaimers in fine print. It’s a promise. It’s a celebration. And, a bit unexpectedly, it’s a challenge to those who would rather us be silent and stern gatekeepers, building obstacles to access.”

As a UX Librarian, her main focus is looking for new items the library should have or new ideas to try. She wants to make sure things are useful and usable. She also creates numerous spreadsheets and reports to check that everything is actually being used.

“I love meeting people who have never been to a library, or haven’t been in a very long time, because then I get to introduce them to all the stuff that we have. “
When she isn’t working or reading, Julie enjoys writing stories about elves, trolls and dwarves. She also  plays the French horn and says it’s always a dream come true to sit in the very back corner of the orchestra and breathe music.

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