Teen Summer Reading

It’s time for Summer Reading again!

Don't forget to sign up at the library in June and pick up your bingo card! For every 10 days of reading you can earn a cool prize such as, water bottles, coupons, t-shirts and book bucks! Book bucks let you get one free book from our selection of giveaways! Registration begins May 28th but reading and programs begin June 4th and end July 28th with our fun SCL Comic Con.  

Due to our upcoming remodel of the Bryant Library, we will hold all events at the Benton Library. Remember teen programs are for ages 13-18.

This year we’ll have a special Late Night Event on July 6th from 7:00 pm until 10:30. Instead of our weekly programs, this time, teens are invited to join us for a fun teen late night where Thistlebryt students and Super Campers collide! Eat pizza then get ready for an all-out battle between wizards and heroes. Registration and signed guardian contracts are required by June 30!
(No actual wizards or heroes will be harmed during this program!)

Thistlebryt School of Magic

Every Tuesday at 3:00 PM teens can meet in the teen area for Thistlebryt Year Two. Last year we had a fantastic time sorting the teens into Thistlebryt (our made up school) houses and doing fun Harry Potter inspired crafts and games. New to teen Summer Reading? We’ll sort you into one of our fun houses, Fragglezag, Diamond Dove, Sparkleflash, or Sirena. This year we’ll do brand new crafts and games while we earn points to see who will win the House Cup. No actual witchcraft will be explored during these events; it’s just a fun theme to guide our crafts and games.

Thistlebryt: Welcome Feast June 5th

Welcome back to year two at Thistlebryt! Come to the welcome feast and make new friends as you watch the sorting. Then go on your first quest of the summer, a scavenger hunt! Will your house win?

Thistlebryt: Quidditch Tournament June 12th

Ever wanted to play quidditch? Don't know how to fly on a broomstick like Harry Potter, well don't worry, you don't need to. Join us for a fun day of indoor quidditch while we challenge the other houses to games of Bounce Out, and Connect Four. Who will be the winner?

Thistlebryt: Honeydukes June 19th

Field Trip! Just kidding, join us for a pretend field trip to the confectionery wonder of Honeydukes Sweet Shop. We'll visit the sweet shop and cook up some delicious treats. If you have any food allergies please let us know. Email Jennifer at jenniferw@salinecountylibrary.org.

Thistlebryt: Care of Magical Creatures June 26th

It wouldn't be a summer at Thistlebryt without our animal friends. Join us to make your own magical pet. We'll learn some sewing and hot glue tips to make this a fun and educational experience. It's also a perfect time to divine your own fate, so make a prophecy to take home!

Thistlebryt: Defense Against the Dark Arts July 10th

It's time for our annual Thistlebryt escape room. This year Professors Brett and Jenn have planned a great one. See if you can solve the puzzles and battle the Dementor.

Note: For our more skittish friends, this escape room will involve turning off the lights and a staff member dressed up like a ghost. No one will be harmed, but it will be spookier than usual.

Thistlebryt: Trivia Challege July 17th

Thistlebryt students it's time to test your knowledge! See if your house can get the most right answers and win this trivia challenge. Want to brush up on your facts? Read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies. Good Luck Hero!

Thistlebryt: Quibbler Day July 24th

The summer has finally come to an end. Let's celebrate with an announcement of the winner of the House Cup! We'll work together to make a year book and everyone will take home a copy! It'll be a fun creative day and the perfect way to end the summer!

Super Hero Camp

Every Thursday at 3:00 PM teens are invited to join us for Super Hero Camp in the Maker Space. In Super Hero Camp, teens will join Mr. Brett and Ms. Jennifer (or rather, their super alter-egos/camp counselors “The Pest” and “Tabbie Tornado”) in an imagination-fueled, collaborative storytelling experience featuring heroes, villains, robots, teamwork, video games, campground shenanigans, plenty of dice, and much more! Using the tabletop RPG game “Masks,” participants will create their own teenage superhero from the ground up and work together to battle a different villain every week. After the dust settles, the teens will bring their adventures to life in the form of a short film, utilizing the library’s new Maker Space to create their costumes, build their props, and edit their movie - which will premiere at SCL-con at the end of Summer Reading!

Super Camp: Orientation June 7th

Welcome to Super Hero Camp! On your first day at camp, you'll meet your fellow team members and decide what kind of hero you want to be! A big, bold, bruiser built like a brick house? A sly, slinky super-spy? The choice is up to you! We will be going over the basics of Super Hero Camp, fighting your first "villain," and designing your super hero look!

Super Camp: Your Costume and You! June 14th

In Week 2 of Super Hero Camp, you and your allies will team up to take down a terrible tailor! Afterwards, you'll be using your own tailoring tools to bring your costume to life!

Super Camp: Getting in the Game June 21st

This week, Super Hero Camp goes digital as your team battles against the super-rude, super-salty ToxiGamer360 - but he has the home court advantage! Afterwards, you'll get to bring your super hero to life in a video game of their very own!

Super Camp: Flipping the Script June 28th

This week at Super Hero Camp, you'll have to survive against the sinister Scriptzor! He's written your battle out beat for beat, and gave HIMSELF all the best lines! Afterward, your hero's journey from imagination to silver screen begins as you write up a script of your own!

Super Camp: Giving You Props July 12th

This week at Super Hero Camp, you'll get everything AND the kitchen sink used against you as you work together to take down The Propmaster! Then, you'll continue building up your short film with your own props, because every hero needs some gadgets!

Super Camp: Lights, Camera, Action Packed! July 19th

In the penultimate week of Super Hero Camp, can you and your team escape the all-seeing lens of... The Cameraman?! After that, it's time to get behind - or in front of - the camera yourself as filming begins!

Super Camp: That’s A Wrap! July 26th

It's your toughest - and finalist - battle yet! How can you hope to defeat the all-powerful  Dead-itor?? Afterwards, you'll finish up production on your short film, and then it's red carpet premiere time!

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