Why Should Adults Take Advantage of the Library?

Why Should Adults Take Advantage of the Library?

You’re sitting at home, Netflix isn’t working and you’re tired of watching the same movies.

It’s a rainy day and your kids are going stir-crazy.

You DESPERATELY need something notarized, but you don't know any notaries!

Here’s a simple solution to all of those problems: Use your library card!

Kids and teens aren’t the only ones who get to have fun at the library. We have programs for adults going on year-round at the library (and no, we aren’t just talking about all of the great books we have available for adults!) as well as several free services. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from using the library as an adult:

Learn Something New

Whether you’re a college student, mom of three kids, or you just love trying new things, we have programs and services for you. Throughout the year, we have Watercolor, Gardening, and Yoga classes on a regular basis. We also have special programs that are both entertaining and educational such as learning through song. We have cookbooks, cake pans, yoga kits, hand weights, slow cookers and online tools for all of your research needs. Who knew a library had so many cool things?! 

Fun with the Community

While you can certainly have fun at some of our more learning-centered programs, we offer a variety of programs that allow you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself! From salsa dancing and car shows to one of our many Christmas events, these programs allow you to spend time in your community and have fun while doing it. The library is a great place to talk about local news and meet people who live in your area. Plus, who doesn’t need more bookworm friends?!

Free for All

Did you know that the average Saline County Library patron saves around $450 a year by using our services? It's true! You can check out DVDs, video games and board games from the library for your next family night. Start planning a fishing trip and you can get your supplies, like a fishing pole, at the library! You can use computers, WiFi, and laptops in the library all for free. We also provide free notaries if you’re ever in need, and let's not forget that if you can't find an item you want, you can request it or the library can do an interlibrary loan where you have the opportunity to borrow something from another library! 

Getting Your Kids Involved

According to slate.com, “Modeling does not always dictate a child's behavior—your kids won't inevitably do everything you do—but it's an important and underappreciated way to transmit information, experiences, skills, beliefs, values, and large segments of behavior.” If you want your children to enjoy participating at the library, why don’t you show them how fun it can be?! Your children may not have an innate love for books and reading, but if they’re having fun at events and programs, they may relate that fun to the library, and hopefully start to get involved with books and reading. There are fun events that give you the opportunity to spend time with your children, as well as tailored events for all age groups so there are benefits for everyone. For those who homeschool, we also have homeschooling kits and programs to get your kids socialized!

For a full schedule of events going on at the library, check out the calendar on our website or to see all of the services we offer, visit the "Resources" section on our website. 

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