That's A Wrap on Summer Reading!

That's A Wrap on Summer Reading!

Summer Reading 2018 has officially come to a close. Over the past two months, we've danced with princesses, defeated super villains at Super Hero Camp and even learned a few songs in sign language! We had over 2,850 people sign up for Summer Reading and a total of 140 programs! Here are some of our favorite highlights from Camp Summer Reading: 

Adult Programs

Arkansas Blood Institute

The Arkansas Blood Institute held a blood drive at the library on Saturday, July 14th.
17 people gave blood which allowed us to potentially impact 51 lives!
Our blood donors walked away with a free pass to the Little Rock Zoo as well as a free t-shirt!
Thanks to all of our generous donors for making this a success!

Car Show

We had our car show on Saturday, June 23rd!
Visitors got to check out our line-up of 20 cool rides while snacking on hot dogs and ice cream.
A big thank you to Hiland Dairy for donating bottled water and ice cream!

Teen Programs


Our teens finished their second year of Thistlebryt this summer! They started the summer off with a welcome feast where they were sorted into their respective houses and had some magical experiences along the way. They visited Honeydukes (not an actual field trip, although we wish!), learned Defense Against the Dark Arts by finding clues in different parts of the Wizarding World and even made their own Quibbler (scrapbook)! They also got to participate in a Quidditch tournament! 

Super Hero Camp

The teens at Super Hero Camp spent the summer creating their own superheroes, battling super villains and making their own short film! Through this tabletop role-playing game, they got to know their classmates, and their superpowers while brainstorming ways to defeat bad guys like The Tailor. You can meet the superheroes and follow the mystery of Tabby Tornado's missing cat here

Tween Programs

Tween Sensory Competition

In this fun  activity, the tweens paired up to win points for their team depending on how well they could use their senses!
They had to stick their hand in a box and feel around to figure out what was in it, taste different foods while blindfolded, and even lead their blindfolded
partner through a maze to test their direction-giving abilities! 

Tween Camp Crafts

Crafting is one of the most memorable parts of summer camp. We brought the activity straight to the library to let our tweens explore their creative side!
They got to paint rocks to create their very own pet rock, make loom bracelets, and make friendship bracelets! 

Children's Programs

Out of the Box Storytime

Out of the Box was the hit of the summer! Every Friday morning we got to listen to fun stories, sing songs, and find out what was in the box.
Sometimes, we had to face our fears when a shark would come out of the box. Other times, the kiddos got to participate in telling the story
by wearing masks and delivering a line or two! We even learned a song in sign language! 

Fancyful Fairytales

We were in the presence of royalty this summer with visits from The Latin Princess, Cinderella, Beauty, Rapunzel, Snow White and The Little Mermaid!
The princesses of Fancyful Fairytales came to  sing songs, tell us their stories and take pictures with our other little princesses (and princes!).


We wrapped up Summer Reading 2018 with our very own comic con! We had trivia, LEGO displays from ArkLUG, fun balloon creations from Marty Boone, cosplay, crafts and more! Vendors from all over Saline County came to sell comic books, action figures and their own creations like dragon eggs and jewelry. The day ended with a costume contest with the following winners:
Best Superhero - Iron Man
Best Super Villain - Catwoman
Best DIY - William Wallace
Best in Show - Clark Kent (or Superman)
Best Original Character - The Goddess of Love
Staff Pick - Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service

Visit our Facebook page for pictures from all of our Summer Reading programs. 

Thanks to all of our Summer Reading 2018 participants and library staff for making this summer such a hit! Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events! 

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