Can't Get to the Library? Go to a Book Box!

Can't Get to the Library? Go to a Book Box!

Is it Sunday and you have a midnight craving for a book? Have you read everything in your house already? Is your local library closed?

Don’t fear, head over to one of our book boxes and find something great!

What is a book box, you ask? Our book boxes are old newspaper boxes that have been remodeled to hold donated books. These book boxes allow the people of Saline County to have free access to reading materials 24/7, 365 days a year, whether the library is open or not. Our mission is to provide reading material to our community free of charge without ever having to come to the library.

The Saline County Library has placed book boxes in several locations around the county; places such as the Bryant Center on Boone Rd., and Riverside Grocery on Hwy 5 towards Hot Springs, along with many other options. 

What is the best part about book boxes? No late fees! Just grab a book from the box, and you are all set; no need to check out. Are you finished with your book? Bring it back to any Book Box so someone else can borrow it.

Do you have books at home that you aren’t reading and want to help out your community? Donate books straight to any of the book boxes. It’s easy; just take them to any Book Box and add them to the collection inside. You can donate picture books, young adult novels, juvenile fiction or adult fiction. Please note: if the book box is already full, please do not leave donations. We will get the donated books cleaned out of the boxes on our monthly rotations to allow more room for donations.

For a full list of our book box locations, visit the FAQ

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