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Automotive Resources

Need to know how to repair a small engine, look up your cars manual or do you know someone getting ready to start driving? Our automotive resources are just what you are looking for.

Business Tools

The library is also here to help your business grow and succeed with information on demographics, the latest reviews on popular merchandise and finance reports.

Career Support Tools

From sharpening your skills to completing your resume and practicing for interviews, these free services are sure to help you prepare for the bright future ahead.

Continuing Education Resources

Just because school is out doesn't mean you have to stop learning. We have free online platforms to help you continue your education and expand your knowledge.

County Resources

Through a collection of digital resources, you can learn many things about Saline County Library in the past and now.

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Genealogy and History Research

Saline County Library is a resource for your genealogy search. Start here and find a rich Arkansas history of the Civil War, land records, cemeteries, census records of Arkansas and more. If you need more historical data outside of Arkansas, we can help there, too.

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Homework Help

These resources provide help with research, tutoring, practice exams and study guides for all subjects.

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Language Learning Tools

You can learn over 60 different languages with the help of these resources. With study cards to say, repeat practice and other methods, understanding and speaking another language will be easy in no time.

Legal and Medical Resources

For assistance understanding medical terminology or the legal world, these resource can assist you.

Skills & Technology Training

As technology constantly changes, it can be hard to keep up with how it all works. Some of the most basic tasks are now performed through technology and that takes some getting used to. With these online resources, there is a large library of instructional videos and tutorials that walk all skill-types through simple advancements and even more complex technologies.

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