Staff Member Amanda

Public Services Manager

Amanda is the manager of the Public Services department, but she’ll always be a Teen Librarian on the inside. You’ll probably see her working at the circulation desk trying to make your visit to the library as pleasant as possible. She also buys Adult Fiction books, so tell her which ones you like best!

Amanda spent the first 20 some odd years of her life in Saline County where she did typical growing up things like going to school, going to college, getting married and going to graduate school for a masters degree in library science. She did those things pretty well if she does say so herself. She worked in youth services at a couple of nearby public libraries before she up and moved to Florida to become a Teen Librarian there. She let her husband come along because he’s cute and she likes him. They lived in a couple of different cities in Florida for a few years where she switched from being a Teen Librarian to an Early Literacy Librarian and then they moved back to Arkansas where she became the Youth Services Manager here at Saline County Library. She was here for a few years again until moving to Seattle in 2018. This time it was her husband who got a cool job and let Amanda tag along. He’s nice like that. While in Seattle, Amanda took voice acting classes, started a podcast called Fictional Hangover where she talks about young adult books way too much, and began narrating audiobooks. Now Amanda and her husband are back in central Arkansas and are about to build a house on a lake.

I love listening to audiobooks and do so almost constantly. Okay, not while I’m at work, but I would if I could.

I’d love to be able to metamorphose, to change my appearance at will. I do a lot of cosplay and it would really make my life a lot easier. I would live every day in costume if I could.

I host a podcast called Fictional Hangover where I and my cohost Claire talk about young adult books, sometimes with authors and sometimes with audiobook narrators. Even though we’re talking about young adult books, we do so in an adult manner because you’re never too old to read YA.

I am made of sarcasm and ridiculousness and I hope that brings joy to those around me, coworkers and patrons alike. While I do care deeply and take things seriously, I can’t help but be silly at the same time.