Staff Member Becca

Branch Youth Services Programmer

Becca Griffin is the Youth Services Programmer at the Bryant branch.  She LOVES her job because she gets to talk about books all day and decorate the Children’s Area!  When she isn’t running a storytime, you can find her coming up with new take home kits or straightening the books on the children’s shelves (She likes them tidy!).  At home, she is busy taking care of four children, one cat, one guinea pig and one very patient husband.  Becca loves to bake, watch tv, read books, and sew.  She also loves to travel, play games, and spend time with family and friends.  In the late-night hours, she’s most likely drinking a Coke Zero and studying for her bachelor’s in Business Management.  Sometimes she sleeps.

I do love true crime stories. A lot.

Singing Les Misérables while doing the dishes. “Look down! Look down!  You’re here until you die!”


My Child baby doll.  She had a soft flannel face, silky hair, and the cutest blue sailor dress.  I thought she was just wonderful.