Staff Member Belinda

Library Assistant

Belinda is a library assistant and has been at the Saline County Library for 17 plus years. It is her dream job because she gets to see the newest books that are published and talk about them with her co-workers and the patrons. Her favorite thing is to hear people rave about a book, especially if it was a recommendation from her! She is a voracious reader (her husband says she is addicted to reading) who despises coffee in any way, shape, taste or smell. She is also a pretty good baker, enjoys sewing and cross stitch, is a sort of clean freak, and a perfectionist. She loves to go on long drives around our beautiful state and she and her husband are trying to visit all 53 of our state parks.

Read and talk about books.

A cat, because cats are the boss of themselves and can go almost anywhere they want to, like up trees and on rooftops.

The ability to teleport so I can go anywhere without the hassle of air travel.

The cell phone, then the iPad because you can now take a library with you wherever you go.

Go for a walk in the wilds (though not too wild) of our state.