Staff Member Bella

Branch Library Assistant

Bella is a part-time library assistant at the Saline County Library located in Bryant. With a degree in Web Design and Development, Bella can often be found helping patrons at the computer lab. She enjoys helping patrons with technology, as well as finding books or items for patrons. Bella’s hobbies include reading manga, webtoons, and light novels, climbing up the ranks in Japanese Mahjong, arts and crafts, playing video games with her friends, finding new music to listen to, or spending time with her dog Woodrow.

I can bleat like a goat! I’m not sure if that’s really a talent, but it’s something I feel like I can do well.

Telepathy! I think it would be funny to pretend to be someone’s conscience and give them strange ideas.

I wouldn’t say I’m a closet fan, but it’s not something I make a conversation piece. I’m a really big fan of Yoko Taro! He’s a video game writer and director who developed Drakengard and the spinoff series Nier.

I would probably spend it finding new music to listen to, adding/creating new playlists to listen to, or listening to music I enjoy. Either way, it involves music.