Staff Member Bella

Outreach Coordinator

Bella is the Outreach Coordinator with the Saline County Library. Her very first job was as a shelver at the Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library and it was the beginning of her journey. It would eventually lead her to her newfound passion with the Community Engagement Department. She is always searching for new and innovative ideas and projects to bring the joy of the library to those who may not be able to visit us often.

You may see her at events around the community with the library table, at a parade, visiting a community center around Saline County, attending a Farmer’s Market, or visiting patrons wherever she can. She is also helping establish our first ever Seed Library through outreach and programming for all ages. You may find her tending to the vegetable garden near the Nature Play Space at the Benton location.

Bella enjoys gardening and learning about all of the plants she can get her hands on. She has been growing her already expansive collection of succulents and house plants for a few years now and has no plans to stop. She adores her three Chihuahua babies, taking them for walks, spending time with family, listening to her absolute favorite podcast (Sinisterhood) and hunkering down for her current show obsession. When the weather is nice, she will most definitely be lounging on her back porch with a book or crafting something with a kit from the library!

To teleport.

Play Wii Sports with my boyfriend.


Dog person!