Staff Member Brad

Financial Coordinator

Come and listen to my story about a man named Brad:
Driven to the library weekly as a lad
Then as an adult while lookin’ for somethin’ to do,
Up in the paper was a job that was cool.

Shelvin’ books – as a page. Right on!

Well the first thing you know, he moved up to full-time.
IT, reference, and branch manager was the climb.
Until he was told “There’s a place you ought to be”
So he loaded up his boxes and Financial Coordinator was he.

Countin’ money, that is. Writin’ checks, budgetin’.

Brad aids our Friends group, especially countin’ loot;
Movin’ boxes to the bookstore is tirin’ to boot.
As notary and passport agent he helps lickety split.
So patrons get all they need without waitin’ one bit.

Service that is. With a smile. Get what you need.

Ya’ll come to the library, now, y’hear?

Emmet in the Lego Movie because everything is awesome.

  1. Hike the Ozark trail
  2. Visit the Grand Canyon
  3. Learn to play guitar

Time manipulation.