Staff Member Jenn

Teen Librarian

Jenn is the Young Adult Librarian for the Benton Library. She has been the Teen Librarian for twelve (12) years now. That’s a pretty long time to work with teenagers, so she’s either very dedicated or actually several rabbits in a trench coat. She earned her Masters of Library and Information Science in 2015.  Jennifer has two rabbits at home, Glim Glam and Chip Chop. They are the best rabbits in the world, except when they are eating the couch. Jennifer is an accomplished dancer and loves classical Ballet and Tap. When she isn’t working you can find her dancing, sewing, or reading. For the last year she has been obsessed with the Wings of Fire series by Tui T Sutherland. This obsession doesn’t seem to be waning and she has now made six plush dragon toys.

Jennifer would love to wake up one morning as a dragon, specifically a Pink and Purple RainWing. She loves dragons, especially the ones who can change color and live off of fruit and nap all afternoon.

Jennifer’s favorite toys as a child were her Popples and her My Little Ponies. Popples are an 80’s plush toy sort of like a panda bear that folded into pouches. While she loves all My Little Ponies, her favorite pony was Firefly, a pink Pegasus.

Sew! Jennifer can quilt and has made 25 quilts so far. She also loves sewing small stuffed animals by hand. They are so cuddly and even more lovable.

Pyrriah, the continent that the Dragons live on in the Wings of Fire Series. She’s most like to visit the ice kingdom because the palace is so fancy and the Rainforest so she can try all the weird fruit.