Staff Member Joel

Part-Time Library Assistant

Joel is a Part-Time Library Assistant in Benton. He spent six years at Chick-Fil-A as a Senior Team Leader and before that, he spent four years at Kroger. In his free time, he enjoys reading and playing board games and video games!

Communicate with animals. I want to know what they’re thinking. Also I want to let my dogs know how much I love them, though I think they already know.

I play Dungeons and Dragons in my spare time and I’m always writing down plans for characters and stories for when I’m dungeon master.

If we’re talking about practical talents I’m really good at brainstorming ideas. I have ADHD and easily get caught up in ideas. If we’re talking about impractical talents, I can whistle through my teeth.

I strongly LOVE both. I am however very allergic to cats. I also like rats and mice, as long as they’re domesticated. Not a fan of wild rats and mice even though they are very cute.