Staff Member Jordan

Tween Librarian

Jordan is the Tween Librarian at the Benton Branch of the Saline County Library. You can find Jordan most often downstairs behind the Youth Service Desk or in the stacks recommending and finding books for patrons. Jordan received both her Bachelors of Education and Masters of Library Media from Southern Arkansas University. She spent several years as a classroom teacher, but has found her home at Saline County Library, having known for years that her calling is to be in a library. When not at work, she enjoys cooking with her husband, counting down the days until it’s warm enough to swim again, binging TV shows, (especially the best trifecta of Sci-Fi shows: Stargate, Star Trek, and Doctor Who), or creating a spa day for herself at home complete with bubbles, bath bombs, Epsom salts, and facemasks.

I love coming to the library. It may sound silly, but I couldn’t be more thankful to work my dream job.

Tetris! I played it all the time. I love finding a place for everything, which would make you think that I was more organized. I’m working on it.

I’d visit Narnia. It was the book series that first rocketed me into my love of reading. Narnia feels like home, even after all these years.

I’d love to be able to teleport. I’d be able to visit so many places and reconnect with old friends with ease.