Staff Member Julie

Systems Administrator

Julie is currently Systems Administrator, but first joined Saline County Library in August 2007 as a Library Assistant II. She had worked in libraries before, just ones with a different tone. She started her library journey as Principal Orchestra Librarian of the Vanderbilt University Orchestra in 2002. Then, she interned a summer at the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s library and at Tanglewood’s Aaron Copland Chamber Music Library for two summers. In the past 14 years at Saline County Library, she has been Collection Maintenance Librarian, Cataloging & Collections Librarian, Adult Services Librarian, Collection Development Librarian, UX Librarian, and Innovations Librarian.

In 2017, Julie and Rebecca McCorkindale (of Gretna Public Library, NE) created a graphic and phrase that spread like wildfire: Libraries are for everyone. The two were both named Movers and Shakers by Library Journal in 2018.

“I love that phrase and everything it means. It’s a distillation of what I do and why I do it,” Julie said. “ There are no caveats, no exclusions, no disclaimers in fine print. It’s a promise. It’s a celebration. And, a bit unexpectedly, it’s a challenge to those who would rather us be silent and stern gatekeepers, building obstacles to access.”

As Systems Administrator, her main focus is to look after the backbone of the library, the software responsible for patron information, all of the items in all of the collections, and the connections to applications that interact with the library. With her background in collections, she also leads the Collection Development Team, working with all of the selectors who purchase library materials. Julie wants to make sure the library’s collections are useful and usable. In 2018, she came up with a plan to move away from the Dewey Decimal System and instead reorganize the adult nonfiction collection by subjects; in 2020, she and Adult Services Librarian Laura Austin fully developed and implemented the system. It was designed by and for the Saline County Library collection, and is flexible to accommodate any future growth. This passion for making collections accessible continues as she is providing assistance to Youth Services Manager Wendy Christy as she and her team develop a similar subject-based system for juvenile non-fiction.

When she isn’t working or reading, Julie enjoys writing stories about elves, trolls, and orcs, as well as playing Magic: The Gathering. She also plays the French horn and says it’s always a dream come true to sit in the very back corner of the orchestra and breathe music.

To be immediately, perfectly fluent in all known forms of communication.

My mother’s blue manual typewriter. I was always pecking out little short stories.

Writing and thinking a lot about orcs, definitely.