Staff Member Kari

Community Engagement Manager

Kari is the Community Engagement Manager for the Saline County Library. She began her experience at the library as a patron when she was a teen, then became the Marketing Manager. She graduated from ASU-Jonesboro in 2014 with a BS in Journalism/Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. Her proudest library-related accomplishments are overseeing the CED department, winning the John Cotton Dana award, and implementing and continuing Library Card Sign-Up Month.

Kari’s family consists of her husband Jon, sons Dawson and Garrett, step-daughter Ellie and three dogs- Yoda, Obi, and Izzy. In her very little free time (she’s a workaholic!), she enjoys binge-watching shows, spending time with her family, and working on her side business as a website creator.

Fun fact: She has an identical twin and Facebook thinks they are the same person. Their kids are even the same age.

Sugar Ray! I actually tagged Mark McGrath in some posts before my wedding hoping he would show up and sing. LOL. My DJ still managed to throw in some of my favorite songs and apparently I was the only one who knew them.

Storybrooke from Once Upon A Time. I mean, I will probably die because there are so many things going on there but it would be so cool to live with all the fairytale characters!

I had a teal Furby I would take everywhere and bring a bag of toy dishes and cloths and blankets for it. I loved it until it started talking at night and I told my mom to get rid of it.

Talking to people. It has never been a surprise that I was the loud twin. Networking with people is the best part of my job because it doesn’t seem like work to me. It’s just hanging out with friends and making new ones!