Staff Member Leigh

Library Manager

Leigh is currently the Library Manager, but she began her journey at the Saline County Library in 2009 as the Children’s Library Assistant.  Since then, she has worked in many different roles including, Children’s Programmer, Collection Maintenance Coordinator, Public Services Manager, and Branch Manager.  Her favorite part of working in a library is helping people, whether that’s helping them find an item they need, helping them send a fax or copy something, providing assistance over the phone or email with Library questions, or notarizing documents; it’s a fulfilling job that allows her to help others.

When Leigh isn’t working, she can be found wrangling her three rambunctious boys.  She loves trying new restaurants, being outdoors, building houses and binging new shows with her husband.  She recently discovered audiobooks which allows her to continue her love of reading while juggling a full-time job and the schedules of three children.  While it’s hard to find time to sit down and concentrate on reading a book, audiobooks allow her to be able to listen to a book while driving, cleaning, and baking; it’s such a versatile medium!  She loves history and random facts of any kind (her memory is terrible, however, so please don’t ask her to quote her favorite trivia because chances are she won’t be able to recall anything on the spot!).

I absolutely LOVE Hallmark movies, especially the Christmas ones!!!  I could binge watch the Hallmark channel all day on Saturdays and Sundays if my children and husband would let me! (I’m a hopeless romantic!)

I think I would want to be an otter.  They swim all day, get to eat all the seafood they want, and are just super adorable!

Goodness, this is a tough question!  Definitely Hogwarts, but I would also like to go aboard the Starship Enterprise!  Being able to travel through space and meet so many new living beings and new planets would be amazing!

That’s a toss-up between teleportation because it would be so awesome to travel anywhere in the world, but also the power to heal people because it would be so nice to be able to help people in that way.