Staff Member Patty

Library Director

Patty Hector is the director of the library and destined for that role as soon as she married a man with the last name Hector (Director Hector). She’s been a librarian for 35 years (gasp!) and has worked in corporate and public libraries in Texas, Arkansas and California. Her favorite thing about being a librarian is recommending books to people, but she rarely gets to do that since she’s in her office working on spreadsheets or in a meeting. She does love solving problems and watching library staff grow in their roles at the library so at least there’s that.

When not at work she loves hanging out with her dogs, Max and Rosie and doing any kind of creative thing she can. Depending on the day it could be knitting, jewelry-making, beading, re-finishing furniture, card-making, altered books, painting (badly) or sewing (also badly). Oh, and there’s also a lot of reading.

The iPad. I am old enough to remember when the personal computer came out (before the internet), and people were wondering what they would do with it. Well, we found out, but I still wasn’t going to sit around at my desk at home using it. The iPad goes where I go at home and I use it for everything.

More walks outside. Being out in nature is very healing. I need more of it.

My experience in other libraries. I’ve worked in rural, corporate, large urban, and medium-sized urban. I also have connections to librarians from all over because of my volunteer work in various library associations and from working in three different states.

Preservation Alliance from the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. It sounds like a great place to live and I’d get to meet Murderbot.