Staff Member Tamantha

Branch Youth Services Librarian

Tamantha (like Samantha) is the Teen Librarian at the Bryant Library. Tamantha earned her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and is currently working toward her Master in Library Media and Information Technology from the University of Central Arkansas. She previously spent 8 years in the classroom as an elementary teacher.

When not working or studying, Tamantha enjoys spending time with her family which includes her daughter Loxley (after Robin Hood) and her partner Ken. She also enjoys reading, playing video games, and crafting.

Teleportation. I would save so much money on gas if I could just teleport to the store. It would also be really cool to travel to different places without the hassle of driving or flying.

With a four year old, I don’t have a ton of spare time but when I do I tend to spend time crocheting, reading, playing video games or researching some sort of new craft to try out.

I don’t really have a strange talent. I wish I did though because it probably would have come in handy when I taught kindergarten. Kids are always fascinated by strange or weird things.

I am allergic to cats so by default I am a dog person. I have 3 dogs (Auggie, Winnie, and Skippy), 2 birds (Appleton and Blueberry), and a bearded dragon named Stanley Yelnats.