Staff Member Taylor

Collections Assistant

Taylor is the Collections Assistant at Saline County Library. She is responsible for receiving and cataloguing all the new books, movies, and other assorted materials that the library orders. Taylor graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, where she majored in Paralegal Studies and History. In her free time, Taylor enjoys creative writing, reading, hiking, and speculating about Marvel movies with her partner and four younger siblings.

I’m a very detail-oriented person, which really helps keep me organized and keep track of all the books I go through daily.

I would love to visit alternate London in the His Dark Materials series. It’s a fantasy world that’s similar enough to our own where I wouldn’t feel too out of place, but the history nerd in me would love to spend some time in its steampunk inspired world!

I play a lot of Nintendo Switch, and video games in general. I’ve played every single Pokémon game that’s ever been released, and love spending extra time thinking of the perfect nicknames for each Pokémon on my team. I’ve also played Animal Crossing New Horizons pretty much every day since it came out!

I would choose the movie Captain Marvel; and I would love to play the titular character, Captain Marvel herself. Not only is she one of the strongest avengers, which would be a lot of fun to play, but she’s such a positive and powerful role model, which as an oldest sibling really resonates with me!