Staff Member Yajaira

Library Assistant

Yajaira (pronounced Yuh-hi-ruh) started working for the Saline County Library as a shelver in December 2020. She fell in love with the people and books and decided to stay as a Library Assistant at the Benton branch. She is bilingual in Spanish and welcomes patrons of all different backgrounds. When she is not in the library, she is petting her ginger kitty Sushi, working on homework, raising three kids, trying new recipes (it’s hit or miss), and seeing which plants will survive her non-green thumb.

One thing that Yajaira likes to do every day is enjoy a cup of coffee and frequent the local coffee shop in Benton. When enjoying said cup of coffee she sets her intention for the day and lives by a mantra to treat all customers like the way you would want your grandparent to be treated. She feels the library is a safe and sacred space for everyone and looks forward to getting to know new patrons every day. Yajaira highly recommends taking a moment to yourself to meditate in the stacks and pretend you are the only patron in the library.

I had several! I really enjoyed playing with Hot Wheels. I was also a ghostbusters fan, so anything related to ghostbusters was my favorite. Every year I also asked Santa to bring me a Teddy Ruxpin- the most awesomest, coolest talking bear! Unfortunately, I never received one, but I still dream of one day owning one.

Travel, travel, and travel. There is so much to see and do. So many people to meet. I am looking forward to my retirement years. I am only about 27 years away from that.

I like any good crime documentary. I enjoy the journalism involved in accurate reporting.

I believe I bring a cultural awareness to my job. Having worked in different libraries in different states and being a native Spanish speaker, I like to share thoughts and ideas in the workplace. I was honored this year to make a day of the dead altar for staff.