The Ultimatum, Book 1 of the Guardian Series by Karen Robards

Meet Bianca St. Ives. Part cat burglar, part spy, part security expert, Bianca lives mostly in the shadows as a righter of wrongs, but she’s no friend to law enforcement. She’d rather take care of things her own way, the way she’d been taught by her father, Richard St. Ives.

Bianca, Richard, and a team of surveillance experts are on a job when everything goes pear shaped; $200 million and top secret government documents go missing, and Richard is killed. It’s a race against the clock and government agencies to find out where the money went, get the documents back, and mete out justice to those responsible for her father’s death. Along the way, Bianca discovers a secret that turns her world upside down and inside out and makes her question everything she knows about her father and herself.

If you like smart, strong, sexy protagonists and a fast paced, action packed read, The Ultimatum is the perfect novel for you.