Using a software called Beanstack, we are excited to offer virtual challenges for all ages. Sign up for challenges and complete tasks to earn rewards. Want to make it more exciting? Invite your friends to play along and see who can earn the most badges.

To sign up for a challenge, create your Beanstack profile. Households can use one account and add multiple users. Once you have your account set up, select the challenges you want to participate in and get going!

Challenges will be updated often so make sure to check back periodically for new ones.

Current Challenges

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten (Ages 0-5)

Embark on your own personal journey!!!  Enjoy reading 1,000 books with your little ones! Log reading and earn badges all along the way.  If you start when your child is 3 years old just reading them one book a night, by the time they turn 5 years old, you will have read 1,000 books to your child.  Research shows that parents who engage their child through early literacy, those children perform at a higher level once they are in school.

100 Books Before College (7th – 12th grades)

If you are in grades 7th through 12th you can now sign up for this awesome program! Earn a prize for every 25 books you read. If you read all 100 books you will get an extra special prize!

Reading Rumble (K-12)

Reading Rumble runs from September through April.  

Help your school read the most minutes this school year! For every 100 minutes you read, you will earn a fun virtual badge. If you earn 20 badges by April 1, you will win a prize! The school that reads the most minutes will be the recipient of a trophy for their school!

ATTENTION teachers! You may register your class as a group. If you choose this method of logging minutes for your students, please inform parents so that they do not register their child twice!

Reading Rumble Jr. is for ages 5-12.

Reading Rumble is for ages 10-18.