The Most Affordable Book Store in Saline County

We’re excited to offer Saline County a Used Bookstore! It’s constantly being updated with all sorts of items such as books, music CDs, DVDs, cake pans, video games, Halloween costumes and plenty of other unique items! 

The Used Bookstore consists of items that have been donated and items that were removed from our collection. Our Friends of the Library group sorts through all of the materials before they are put in the store to make sure they are in good condition. Some items are even brand new and still in the original packaging!

Location & Hours

Find the Used Book Store at our Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library in Benton. You can also find a smaller Used Book Store selection at our Mabel Boswell Memorial Library branch in Bryant. The Used Book Store is open during library hours.

Used Book Store Price List

Coffee Table Books $2.00 – $15.00
Hardback Books $1.00
Trade Paperbacks (Larger) $1.00
Mass-Market Paperbacks $1.00
Children’s Hardback Books $1.00
Children’s Paperbacks $0.50
Children’s Board Books $0.50
Pop-Up Books/Puzzles $2.00 – $4.00
DVDs/CDs/Audiobooks $1.00
Cake Pans $1.00
Book Bundles Various Prices

Virtual Used Book Sale

Our Used Book Sale has gone VIRTUAL! Now you can shop some of our used collection online via Facebook whenever a virtual sale is happening. These sales will be occasional but great so be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates! Rules are simple:

1. Be the first to comment SOLD on the item you want.
2. MESSAGE the Saline County Library Facebook page the item number and your library card number. (If you don’t have a library card, that is ok. Just let us know.)
3. We will message you when the item is ready to pick up via Curbside Pick Up. You can pay by three ways: card, check, or exact change. (We cannot make change at this time.)

Our Used Book Store is proudly managed by Friends of the Library. 

Interested in Being a Friend?

Our Friends of the Library are the magicians behind keeping the only book store in Saline County running. Together, they volunteer to sort and organize the books donated or removed from the collections. They also check on the book store regularly to make sure things are tidy and easily accessible.

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