Welcome to the Family!

We are so glad you have your own Saline County Library card now. That means you now have access to a wide variety of materials such as books, DVDs, video games, board games, cake pans, learning kits, trending appliances and tools, online resources like homework help and resume building, and so much more. The best part- it’s all free! It’s like you now have a membership to one of the greatest collections of a little bit of everything and the yearly cost is $0.00.

So, before you get to checking out everything you can get your hands on, we have to go over a little fine print. The Saline County Library adheres to the current Arkansas Public Library Laws. Those laws include patron confidentiality and consent. A clause has been updated recently to our patron agreement.

We want to make sure we are providing materials, services and programs that are entertaining, educational, timely, and well-received by our community. In order to do that, it takes a bit of marketing research. Some of the ways we do that is by looking at what our current patrons have checked out or attended. For that reason, we recently added this clause to our patron agreement:

“By agreeing to terms and conditions for applying for a Saline County Library card, I understand that my information such as, but not limited to, email address, circulation history, and program registration history may be used for marketing purposes for the Saline County Library. None of these instances will involve sharing my information with the public without direct communication and approval given prior. If at any point I wish to be removed from a marketing campaign, I may do so by unsubscribing.”


  1. Marketing and research staff may view your check out history and program attendance history to see what is currently popular in our area.
  2. You may be added to receive special notifications for upcoming events or new materials related to your recent check out history or program attendance.
  3. Your information stays with us and does not go outside the library world.
  1. Your name will NOT be sent to anyone in the library, outside the library, or anywhere else.
  2. You do NOT have to stay subscribed to any notifications you receive. You can unsubscribe from any special email announcement that is sent to you by clicking “unsubscribe”, calling us at (501) 778-4766, or by emailing SCLhelp@SalineCountyLibrary.org.
  3. Your name and check out history will NOT be viewed by anyone other than the select marketing and research staff and will be used ONLY for research purposes.

Again, we are so thrilled to have you join the Saline County Library family as a patron. If there is ever anything you need help with or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at SCLhelp@SalineCountyLibrary.org.