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Built in 1893, the office of Dr. Dewell Gann, Sr., is the only known bauxite building in existence, making it an architectural landmark. The building was constructed by patients who could not afford to pay for services he had rendered to them. The soft stone was dug from a farm nearby, sawn into blocks with a handsaw and allowed to harden for six weeks. On an inside wall is an imprint of Dr. Gann’s foot, made from the time he spent sitting waiting for patients in a rocker with his foot propped against the wall.  The building served as the Gann Medical Office until 1946 when it was given by Dr. Dewell Gann, Jr., to the City of Benton to be used as a library and, later, a museum.

Located next to the museum is the Gann residence.

The Gann Museum has an extensive collection of Niloak and other pottery, Native American Artifacts, memorabilia and history of Saline County, as well as artifacts and memorabilia of Dr. Gann Sr. and Jr.   The Gann Museum also plays an important role in Saline County by creating a physical link to its heritage. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the 138thbuilding in the state so recognized.

Our Special Collections Assistant writes articles and summaries based on interesting findings from the Gann collection. He also writes about current events in Saline County and how they pertain to historical events. You can read these articles on our History Now blog.

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218 S Market St

Benton, Arkansas 72015

(501) 778 – 5513

The Gann Museum is located in Benton, Arkansas at 218 S Market.

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