If you live, own property, work, or attend school in Saline County, you qualify for a Saline County Library Card. You can obtain a library card by presenting a state-issued ID and completing a short application form at either location or online. If you fill out the form online, you will be asked to email a photo of your ID for verification purposes.

Photo ID must have a current address, or you may use a photo ID plus proof of your current address. If you do not live or own property in Saline County, make sure to bring a pay stub showing you work here or a document that shows you attend school here.

A child (age 5 and up) may get a children’s library card with their responsible adult. The adult is responsible for the account and can access information about the account.

Anyone over the age of 16 may apply for their own card using their state-issued ID for verification.

Good things to know about your Library Card:

  • We value your privacy. No one other than you has the right to use your library card.
  • At the time of registration, 5 items can be checked out. When those items are returned, you get full borrowing privileges.
  • Your library card will be good for 3 years. After that, just come by and renew it. It’s free!
  • If you move, bring us your new ID or proof of new address to keep your account current.
  • Lost or misplaced cards need to be reported and replaced immediately to prevent someone from using the card. It costs $2 to replace a lost card.

Library Card FAQs

Have you entered your library card number and PIN correctly?

  • Your library card number is located on the back of your library card. It is a 14 digit number beginning with either “247” or “147.”
  • Your PIN is your 4 digit birth year (newer cards) or the last 4 digits of your phone number (older cards).

If you’ve entered the library card and pin correctly, but it still doesn’t work, there may be another problem with your account:

  1. Your library account may be expired. Accounts expire every 3 years. If this is the case, you will need to come by one of our locations and update your contact information. You can renew over the phone, but you will only have access to our eLibrary materials.
  2. You may owe a fine over $5.00. Call us to verify.

If you’ve confirmed that you’re entering your library card and PIN correctly, call (501) 778-4766 or fill out the “How Can We Help You” form.

If you live, own property, work or attend school in Saline County, you are eligible to apply for a regular Saline County Library Card. If you do not, here are the other types of cards that we offer:

Reciprocal Cards:

Citizens of Cleveland, Dallas, Garland, Grant and Hot Spring County can apply for a Saline County Library card because of a special reciprocal agreement by the three library boards.

Non-resident Cards:

A non-resident is a person who does not live or own property in Saline County or a reciprocal county. You must present a photo ID and pay an annual fee of $10.00 to obtain a non-resident library card.

Saline County Property Owners:

If you live out of the county but own property in Saline County, you may obtain a resident card free of charge. Bring your photo ID and one of the following that includes your name and the address of the property: tax collector receipt, tax statement or mortgage papers.

A limited use eLibrary card is available for free to Saline County residents (as well as other areas we have reciprocal borrowing agreements with). It is also available to out-of-county residents for $10.00 per year.

This account will only give you access to online resources through this website, including our eLibrary. It does not give the user access to physical material or computer lab use. Registration is effective for 3 years and may be updated over the phone.

Apply for an eLibrary card. You will be mailed a card and PIN, and receive an email from us. If you are required to pay $10.00, we must receive your payment first.

If you need assistance with this application process, please contact us at (501) 778-4766.

Cards expire every 3 years. To renew your card, bring a government-issued ID and any updated contact information. If you would like to renew your card over the phone, we can update it as an eLibrary card only.