Blast Off into Learning: Stellar Space Resources for Kids

by Dana Bloch

The Saline County Library Youth Services department is so excited for the eclipse this April that we are making our theme for the next few months all about space! If you are interested in learning more about space with your little ones, here are some websites we think you’ll enjoy!

To Learn How Many People are In Space – This website tells you who is in space right now, what country they are from and how long they have been there!

NASA Graphic Novel and Interactive Games – This virtual graphic novel is about a fictional astronaut living on Mars!

To Learn About Space  – This website has information and learning activities!

NASA Space Games, Crafts, and Activities – This website has all the space information you could ask for, written in a way for children to easily understand!

SkyView app for Google Play Store or SkyView app for Apple – This is Ms. Dana’s favorite app for looking at the night sky! It identifies what star, planet, or moon you are looking at, and highlights constellations for easy viewing!

Also, check out these great books about space and space pioneers!

If You Were a Kid Docking at the International Space Station by Josh Gregory

Space Heroes by Hannah Dolan

You Can’t Bring a Sandwich to the Moon…and Other Stories About Space by Laurie Calkhoven

Space Atlas by Tom Jackson

Mae Jemison by Laurie Calkhoven

Who Was the First Man on the Moon? by Nathan Page