Color Poetry Lessons!

Let’s try writing a color poem. First think of a color you want to write your poem about… I’ll use Green as an example.

Now let’s brainstorm:

What things look (green)?
Apples, markers, caterpillars, shady trees

What things sound (green)?

What things smell (green)?
Grass, flowers, rain

What things taste (green)?

What things feel (green)?
Gardens, forests

How does (green) make you feel?
Like a new beginning

What experiences or ideas seem (green)?
Renewal, starting over, spring

Think of a place that is or embodies (green).
Garden, forest, swamp

Now let’s take our brainstorm and write a poem. I’m using the things I brainstormed to create a poem. You don’t have to start every line with the color, take out the green is and you still have a wonderful poem.


Green is apples, markers, and cool.

Green is the taste of vegetables.

Green smells like grass and rain.

Green is the sound of a lawnmower.

Green is a garden, forest, and a swamp.

 Green is renewal, beginning again, spring