Fall in Love with the Library Again

Christmas is in the past. New years has gone. Now, everywhere you look on the grocery shelves there are red velvet hearts, plushy animals with kissy faces, and little sweet treats that have messages like “My Luv 4 U is 4ever.” But do you remember when you used to go the library as a kid, and you thought it was one of the most magical places on earth? Where librarians weren’t librarians trying to shush you. No, they were great adventurers who were telling us the fantastic tales of their great journeys across bubble gum forests and fighting dragons! The books on the shelves weren’t just words on a page. They were transportation devices that sucked us into our own quests. 

As we got older, though, it seems the magic faded. Adventures and quests turned into a chore to find the time to actually pick up the book and read a chapter. Our lives took over. And that is when it stopped. We stopped going. We stopped looking for the magic at the library and just went on with our day to day lives and eventually those library trips faded off the calendar, too. It’s sad, but it happens to most of us. 

Things don’t have to be like that! February is National Library Lovers Month. So how insane and totally cool would it be to fall in love with the library again as an adult? The best part is that is doesn’t have to be just about opening a book. Libraries are more than the pages on the shelves these days. You can download a book and have it read to you on your phone! It may not sound like Grandpa Jerry doing all the crazy voices but it will be pretty darn close! Or what if you want to find adventure away from books? Go to an event! The library offers so many fun activities like game nights, trivia contests, craft classes, and more.