Keeping up with the Librarians…

The Saline County Library is grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from patrons and community members, co-workers and board members over the past several months.  We want to serve Saline County in the best way we can.  We would like the board and residents to know that we have heard the concerns and take them seriously.  We have been actively exploring options and looking for solutions that will best serve our patrons.  We are excited about two ideas we believe will help parents and caregivers make more informed decisions about the materials their children check out. 

First, we have started encouraging the use of Common Sense Media, which is an independent website that many parents already use for movies and television and can be used for books as well. We are hoping to provide a free account for patrons to look up titles before taking them home, to ensure the content is in line with their personal standards.  

Our second idea is currently in the developmental phase of research. Our goal, pending approval, is to create a new collection. A proposed name is “New Adult” collection. This name is a publishing term to describe books that focus on the stories and lives of people ages 18-24 who are often going through big “first” moments of their life.  Our current Young Adult section will be renamed “Teen”, and continue to house books intended for 13-17-year-old readers. By creating this new section and renaming the YA section, we will provide patrons with easier access to the books they are looking for.

One of the biggest assets this library has is the people who work here.  We try our best to be knowledgeable about the items in our collection so we can help people find books they want to read.  We encourage anyone who has concerns about materials or placement of books to come and talk to us.  Thank you again for your continuing support.