My Perfect Place: A Descriptive Writing Activity

This activity relies heavily on brainstorming. Find a partner, or parents lead the activity for your kids.

Grab some paper and a pencil and let’s get started.

Imagine your perfect place…

What can you see: Describe everything from what kind of plants grow to what color the sky is

What can you smell: Are you near the ocean? Can you smell food, fruit or flowers? If so, what kind? Is it a good smell? What does it make you think of?

What can you hear: Birds and other animals, cars or traffic? Do you hear the wind or rain or storms?

What can you feel: Think about the weather; is it hot, cold, humid? Are you underwater, in space? Is there furniture? Is it soft? Are you sitting or lying down?

What can you taste? This one is tough, but if you were going to taste something what would it be? A tropical drink, the salty air, cold crisp snow?

Now look at all of the description you’ve written and describe your perfect place using as many of these details as possible. Try not to start off by saying, I see…I taste…. Try to think creatively.