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Books by Mail

Books by Mail service is designed for patrons that live too far from the branches to drive and pick up materials.

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With thousands of materials in our catalog, we offer a wide variety of physical books available in print format as well as audio formats. We even have some large print copies. To search our selection of online books that can be read on your tablet or smart phone, check out our eLibrary.

Downloads and Streaming

Did you know you can instantly download and stream music, movies, TV shows, comic books and more for free with your library card? Well you can!

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With Overdrive and Libby, you can browse eBooks, Audio-eBooks, and digital magazines. 

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Homebound program extends library service appropriate to the special needs of all citizens of the community, including the homebound and special care facilities

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Library of Things

We all know libraries have books and movies. But did you know libraries now have other items you probably never expected! From cake pans to halloween costumes; Book Club Kits to Buzz Boxes and so much more, we are constantly trying to add things to our collection that would make your life a little easier and provide good, free entertainment!

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Pocket Librarian

Don’t let not being able to physically browse the shelves hold you back from reading your favorite genres! Our experienced and devoted librarians can create a customized list just for you! We even place them items on hold for you.

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Used Book Store

Our used book store is constantly being updated with all sorts of items such as books, music CDs, DVDs, cake pans, video games, halloween costumes and sometimes other unique finds you wouldn't expect.

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