The Importance of Community Helpers

There are many reasons that schools and libraries include community helpers in the curriculum presented to children.

Learning about community helpers helps children to understand being a part of a community, which leads to a feeling of belonging. It helps to foster a sense of teamwork within a child’s world.

It’s also important from a safety perspective. Caregivers teach their children safety rules because they love them and want them to be safe. We say things like “don’t talk to strangers” or “always hold my hand when we cross the road.” Those are good and important. Also important is teaching your child what a firefighter looks like when dressed out in all the fire gear, or teaching a child who is lost that police officers are safe adults to ask for help.

There will be Community Helpers Storytime at occurring at both branches of the Saline County Library in May. We will have firefighters, police officers and other members of the community present to read stories and have fun. Click here to register!

-Ms. Dana